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Occupational Therapy Services

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Services Offered


Occupational therapy services offered include:

v House Design Consulting (Universal design, Barrier Free design, Wheelchair Accessible design, Aging in Place)

v Chronic pain self-management (autonomic nervous system calming, water therapy, acupressure, craniosacral therapy)

v PTSD, depression, insomnia and anxiety self-management (calming body work, mindfulness, motivational interviewing)

v Return to function after injury or disability.   What are your strengths  and how will you keep your sanity?

v Home Safety and Independence Assessments (home modifications, aids to daily living, falls risk assessments, memory assessments, kitchen safety assessments, equipment provision, level 1 driving assessments)

v Paediatric services (school, home and community services for all levels of ability.  Sensory, social, physical, academic, and technological interventions).

v Funding for equipment and services through Alberta Health, Public and private school systems, Alberta Aids to Daily Living, Veterans’ Affairs Canada, Indian Affairs (Non-Insured Health Benefits NIHB), Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped AISH, and  Persons with Developmental Disabilities PDD

v Professional Teaching Services (Caregiver training in lifts and transfers, wheelchair assessment and prescription, sensory integration treatment and management)

v Case Management (goal setting, development of care plans, coordinating professional and community services, conflict resolution)

v Travel Companion Services.  Worry free travel therapist companion.

v Volunteer services (Provision of second hand medical and rehab equipment to people in need internationally)

v On-line audio and video consultations are available for all services offered.

Rates are typically $100 per hour but may vary depending on the service and your income


Who are We

Hi, my name is Pat Tiedemann. I have  32 years of experience as an occupational therapist, 17 of those years in a paediatric community based setting, and the rest in adult home and hospital care. I have learned something from almost every client.  I have also learned a lot from personal experience as I injured my neck very badly when I was 19 and then developed severe fibromyalgia from the whiplash and concussion. I am one of the lucky ones who has experienced a lot of recovery but it has been a life’s devotion to get here. Through it I learned about:

  • intractable pain
  • chronic soft tissue injuries (thumb, wrist, elbow, neck, shoulder and foot tendonitis) 
  • brain fog
  • sensory hyper sensitivities
  • anxiety and emotional fragility related to pain and trauma
  • sleep disorders
  • depression
  • wheelchair performance
  • pain medications and alternatives
  • the effects of stress on pre-existing conditions
  • do it yourself soft tissue release techniques
  • the wonderful benefits of water for pain management
  • therapeutic dance which gave my spirit wings 
  • environmental modifications at work and home

It has been an incredibly difficult road but it has given me the best background I can imagine as an occupational therapist.  I am able to easily relate to my clients who range from parents of children with autism or cerebral palsy to adults with new physical disabilities or mixed, often undiagnosed disabilities like fibromyalgia, post traumatic stress disorder, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. 


Feel the Difference

 Take advantage of my hard earned knowledge.  Let me help you unlock your potential and find your optimal level of independence and freedom.